Scott Levy

Scott Levy plays the keytar for industrial band The Strand, and plays the keyboards for electro/industrial band Access Zero.  Scott enjoys board games of all types and actually is a certified Poker Dealer.


Scott Levy
Scott Levy


Scott plays:

  • Vectrus (Human Runepriest)
  • Better Tom (Warforged Fighter)
  • Benson Bluethistle (Halfling Sorcerer)
  • Chagi (Samsaran Monk)
  • Jho (Samurai?)
  • Val (Human Barbarian)
  • Sazerac (Human Investigator)


    • Actually, in this particular photo, Scott is demonstrating a complex stretch through which you warm up both your blastazoids and your goatseegazoids. I wouldn’t recommend that you try this at home though, Scott is a seasoned professional.

  1. Peter: “… you hear something at the far end of the cemete-”
    Sir Allister Kreign, the Widow Maker: “I shoot it!!! Motherfucker… it scared the shit out of me.”

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