PeterEp10 The Wrong Turn


Trudging through the underdark, the party is ambushed by winged riders. In the chaos that ensues, Better Tom leads the way seeking shelter in potentially the worst of places. Introduction by Kelly Z and Peter’s dad, David.

This introduction featuring Peter’s Dad and Kelly Z was recorded on August 19th 2011.
This actual-play Dungeons and Dragons 4e game was recorded on January 29th 2011 (Part 3 of 4 from that evening.)

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  1. i was thinking when the drow flew away that Peter was pulling a punch or two and then he confirmed it at the end. im not sure if i was GM i would be very forgiving considering the party thought it would be a good idea to run several times and didnt and then proceeded to jump into and/or over the muck they knew was harmful to get to the fortress that was most likely the source of the drow that were turning them into pin cushions…

    obviously i haven’t heard the conclusion but im going to have a tough time buying the party getting out of this without someone dying.

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