PF48a – Belts Off

April 9, 2017 Dave Strand 0

Beer and Battle gets nice and comfy while Scott Levy takes the DM reigns in this episode running Monte Cook’s “Curse of the Riven Sky” […]

PF47b – Bad-curious

March 11, 2017 Dave Strand 0

Can Dweevis’s magic wall thwart the destruction of the soul gems and prevent the chaos monster’s deception?  Join us for Bad-curious, recorded on 6/13/14.  The […]

PF47a – Summonabing

February 26, 2017 Dave Strand 0

Ep47a titled Summonabing was recorded on June 13th in 2014. Game system is Pathfinder, module is Song of Poison, featuring Peter Hicks as the DM. […]

PF46b – Orrery

February 12, 2017 Dave Strand 0

The party is in deep now,  and prepares to respond while the Children of the Reborn Glory prepare for their ceremony to resurrect a deity.

PF45b – Couthwaile

January 1, 2017 Dave Strand 0

We take our sweet time getting started but this episode may be deadlier than it seems!   The soul gem within sight, trapped inside a chaotic […]

PF45a – Magic Mouth

December 25, 2016 Dave Strand 0

While seeking for the second soul gem, the party saves two other adventurers.  One is Sybil, the Oracle played by Nicole!  But don’t forget, what happens […]