PF51a – The Rock

July 12, 2017 Dave Strand 0

The adventuring party fights giants, while the players detour with tangents. Towards the end of this game we discuss who our favorite celebrities would be […]

PF50c – RuK

June 27, 2017 Dave Strand 0

Can Potsworth honor us as herald?  Who is Ruk?  What is a brothersister?  All of these questions can be answered in PF50c!  ALSO: Question of […]

PF50a – CeCil

June 10, 2017 Dave Strand 0

Hot on the trail of evil giants, the party elicits the help of some angry farmers. Recorded October 16th 2014 with Scott Levy as the […]

PF48a – Belts Off

April 9, 2017 Dave Strand 0

Beer and Battle gets nice and comfy while Scott Levy takes the DM reigns in this episode running Monte Cook’s “Curse of the Riven Sky” […]