Dave Strand

Dave Strand: Singer songwriter for industrial band The Strand, based out of Chandler Arizona.  Enjoys dancing, drinking, comedy, and sci fi.  Also app developer for Hobjoblin.

Below are the characters Dave is known for in Beer and Battle.

  • Jon Mithril (Human Bard)
  • Dweevis (Halfling Mage)
  • Balgrees (Goliath Warden)
  • Tancheron (Kobold Cleric)
  • Morselle Deepengrove (Halfling Fighter)
  • Kayno Rebz aka Eon with Porteus the goat


    • Sure thing! I’ve been meaning to create a page for that, and eventually each character should have a little bio and perhaps some basic stats.

      Basically there are three different games, with three different dungeon masters so I can see how it would be confusing which character goes with which game. I will eventually edit this list to include the character’s class/race, and link to their character’s bio… but this should help.

      Peter Episodes – D&D 4th Edition
      – Zosha (AKA Confusicorn) played by Kelly Z
      – Better Tom played by Scott
      – Jon Mithril played by Dave
      – Skylar played by Nikki
      – Seht and Kenneth played by Ryan
      – and eventually Avriss played by Kelly R

      Ryan Episodes – D&D 4th Edition
      – Dweevis played by Dave
      – Willa played by Kelly Z
      – Vectrus played by Scott
      – Marshmallow played by Nikki
      – and eventually Six played by Peter
      – and eventually Murderbitch played by Kelly R

      Scott Episodes – Pathfinder
      – Rose (AKA the Gnome Ranger) played by Kelly Z
      – Ethyl Murman played by Dave
      – Gnarls played by Peter
      – Erik Larksdale played by Ryan
      – Kuwin the bipolar Mage played by Kelly R

      (I think I remembered everyone involved in the podcast)

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