PF55a – Necrophage

November 30, 2017 Dave Strand 0

Entering the big city, the party continues to bide their time while waiting for the big vampire party.   You may notice a subtle light intermittent […]

PF54b – Dullahan

November 8, 2017 Dave Strand 0

Wilfred Brimley takes the adventuring party on a mission to rescue his sweet meat, but their travels are interrupted by a disturbing sight. Please consider […]

PF54a – Turner D-Widdle

October 26, 2017 Dave Strand 0

The ladies are back with Peter Hicks is running a brand new adventure!  Introducing Dave’s new character, Turner D-Widdle,  Ryan Hutman as Sir Allister Kreign […]

PF53c – Verakas

October 8, 2017 Dave Strand 0

Danger ahead! Fourteen episodes ago (PF48a) Scott Levy began running this Pathfinder adventure, and here is the deadly conclusion. The module we conclude in this […]

PF52a – Thedan

August 17, 2017 Dave Strand 0

In search of answers they meet a couple townsfolk who lead them to seek out the scholar Thedan, who takes a particular interest in strange […]