PFCC5a – Flaming Skulls

March 10, 2013 Dave Strand 1

Podcast starts at 11:17. This Pathfinder Carrion Crown (Haunting of Harrowstone) episode explodes into flame as the band of adventurers attempt to rescue the townsfolk […]

PFCC3a – Mausoleum

December 22, 2012 Dave Strand 1

Game starts at 25:48! The party returns to the cemetery at night for more investigation, and enter a sullied Mausoleum. Meanwhile they still work to […]

PFCC2b – Blood

November 29, 2012 Dave Strand 0

Game starts at 6:04! More spooky happenings in Ravengrow as members of the party begin to speculate about the town’s dark history. A member ends […]