PF38b – Mummy Rot

May 31, 2016 Dave Strand 0

In this battle-heavy episode Korin, Kayno, Sazerac, and Sydny face off against some brutal Mummies! Ryan Hutman is the DM in the conclusion of Pathfinder […]

PF36b – Floor Door

April 2, 2016 Dave Strand 0

A grim & brutal battle ensues.  Without a proper healer, this book hunt is about to get BLOODY! — Also BaB was recently informed that the only […]

PF35c – Jamming

March 5, 2016 Dave Strand 0

The party locates Harmidio Besai the Pathfinder scholar in the manor, but can they tolerate him?  Also, what chaos lurks in the waters ahead, and will Sir […]

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