PF43a – Soul Gems

October 18, 2016 Dave Strand 0

In game 43a Peter Hicks takes the reigns back as DM in this Pathfinder Actual Play Podcast.  (re)Introducing Dave Strand’s  character Dweevis, the Halfling Wizard. This […]


PF42b – Vagina Dentata

September 20, 2016 Dave Strand 0

Our plot thickens as the band of adventurers confront the enthralling singer Connie Saltamee only to find she already has a bizarre condition.  The game is Pathfinder […]

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PF41a – Crazy Naga

August 25, 2016 Dave Strand 0

This crazy Naga is eating her eggs. (Nagas are a family of strange creatures found throughout Golarion. They share the same general physical shape: a […]


PF40a – The Flying V

July 28, 2016 Dave Strand 0

    Another Pathfinder has gone missing, this time it’s Xara Kinda-easy, a notable archaeologist.   The crew ventures forth to bring her back, weary of […]

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